Using and Creating Links

Links let you link any object (Event, Email, ToDo, Note, Contact, Document, Spreadsheet, Song, Website) to any other object.

This makes it really easy to find related things. For example you might want to link a shopping list to a reminder to go grocery shopping, or emails related to a meeting to a specific event in your calendar. The possibilities are endles

It's really easy to create links. There are three simple ways.

1. You can simply drag any object on to another object.

2. You can click in the links section of an object and select from a list of suggestions or you can search for a specfic object that you want to link.

3. You can automatically create links using the action buttons. For example you can automatically crate a ToDo or Event from an Email



Let Flo Simplify Your Inbox - Part One

Managing your Email Inbox is a pain. It's impossible to keep it empty. It's hard to find specific emails unless you remember the exact date or title. Filing emails in folders is time consuming. And.. the Inbox ends up being a proxy ToDo list.

Flo has an array of features that will simplify your Inbox and your life.

If you don't have time to reply or act on an email right away, just swipe it right, tap the ToDo icon and Flo will automatically create a ToDo to remind you to respond or act on the email. And... the ToDo that Flo created has a link back to your original email so you won't ever need to search or scroll through your Inbox to find it.

To make it even simpler, Flo lets you automatically archive the email in your default Collection after creating the reminder. Presto - your Inbox is no longer the dreaded repository of all the things you have to do.  (To enable this feature, go to Settings > Email and tap the switch to turn on "Move email after creating event or ToDo.)

Keep your eyes on this site. We'll have more posts showing other ways Flo can save you time and turn email from a pain into a pleasure.  Less work. More Flo!



How I use Flo

Hi this is Michael, I'm one of the creators of Flo.  We gave it that name because our vision is to create a kind of 'workflow for the rest of us' - an app that makes everything easier without being complicated and geeky.  A challenge, I know. 

What separates Flo from other 'all-in-one' apps like Outlook is mostly behind the scenes.  For example, Flo features a system of linking items to each other: Swipe an email to create a new event or  to do, and Flo creates a link back to that email. That eliminates more than half of the hunting and pecking that drives me crazy.



How I use Flo for iPhone.

We're just releasing Flo for iPhone to our first group of beta users. Here are some of the ways I use Flo that I think are really convenient and might be useful to our beta testers.

  • Swipe emails that need a response or action to turn them into ToDos
  • Use quick add with dictation to add to my ToDo list
  • Swipe contacts to quickly phone or text them
  • Swipe emails to add meetings to my calendar
  • Use the camera to add photos to notes without having to go through the photo library
  • Tap or double tap the Navigation Buttons at the bottom to quickly create a new Email, Event, ToDo, Contact or Note
  • Tap on events on the clock on the home screen to see the details

We'll be blogging on a regular basis to let you know more about the cool features in Flo and how they relate to Flo Web and Flo for Mac.