Flo Beta Terms Agreement and Not So Small Print


By signing up to test our products, you agree:

It's very possible that some things may not work.  When this happens, drop us a note.  Click/Tap the "Chat" or "Help" button on the bottom of any page on our web site, including this one.

It's possible you may lose some data.  Flo is designed to protect your data and we have taken extraordinary lengths to do this by applying industry standards and practices.  Flo follows IMAP for email, CalDAV for calendar events, todo's and notes, and CardDAV for contacts.  Flo is so transparent that you can continue using your accounts on your other apps and devices at the same time. For example if you connect your Google email and calendar accounts to Flo, you can still use them on your GMail and Google Calendar apps.  However if you discover any missing data, please contact us immediately.

It's possible you may get addicted.  If this happens, give in to the sublime ease of everything being connected for you.  The basic version of Flo is and always will be free. The premium version - with increased storage and advanced features that we plan to roll out very soon - will be free to all beta testers for the first year.