The only Collection of app you need

Mail, Calendar, ToDo’s, People, Notes, Projects

Kanban all the way

Work effectively

"Kanban" workflows were invented in Japan as an efficient production management tool. Flo Kanbans are even better because you can put anything in them - notes, people, tasks, meetings, even documents.

Collection of everything

Collect all objects

Flo Collections make everything easier. Imagine a playlist but for everything. And you can place the same item into multiple Collections! Each Collection can also be organized into Flo Kanbans, in any way you choose.

Bear track your mails

So you never forget a ready

Keep all responses in check! Never miss any reply from boss!

Auto Shcedule ToDo’s

Collect all objects

Flo can place your tasks directly into the Calendar, and even schedule them for you. Now you'll only need to look in one place to find out what you have to do, and who you have to meet, today.

Manage other apps easily

Replace your dock

Have your favourite apps open side by side

Everything linked

Never need to find your references

Your ToDo’s link with your emai, your Note link with you events, all of your reference is automatically linked for you!

Compact Organizer

That leaves room for everything else

Customize your organizer to show dual or tripple list if you want

Add all your Accounts to Flo

Flo Syncs all your accounts efforlessly across all your devices