Hi this is Michael, I'm one of the creators of Flo.  We gave it that name because our vision is to create a kind of 'workflow for the rest of us' - an app that makes everything easier without being complicated and geeky.  A challenge, I know. 

What separates Flo from other 'all-in-one' apps like Outlook is mostly behind the scenes.  For example, Flo features a system of linking items to each other: Swipe an email to create a new event or  to do, and Flo creates a link back to that email. That eliminates more than half of the hunting and pecking that drives me crazy.

And then there are Collections. Think of them as playlists, but for everything - not just music.  I treat Collections as a kind of multi-dimensional filing system - because I hate being forced to drop a file into just one folder!  With Flo iPhone, I can add my email from Elon to the "Work", "Mars Project", and "Focus Now" collections with just a swipe of the finger.

When I arrive at work after my long commute from upstairs, I open my 'Work' collection to see all the things that I've associated with working. There at the top is an email from Elon.

After I've cleared through a few emails and to do's, I may decide to focus on one particular project - the "Mars Project".   I open that collection and see all of the emails I've sent and received, all of the meetings, all of the tasks, and all of the notes. Luckily I can sort by 'recent'!  There, of course, is Elon's email again.  Am I avoiding it? Maybe.

After spending an hour on the Mars Project, it's getting close to lunch and I need to knock through some stuff that absolutely must be done today.  I switch to a collection I created called 'Focus Now.'  There are some to do's (send anniversary greeting to Bob & Janet) and of course that email from Elon. I think I'll answer it now.